The environment is a set of dependencies required to run a game. Most of the environment is shared among different games. The diagram below shows a simplified dependency graph. Here the dash means optional.

environment dependencies

Every node in the graph apart from the leafs can be created using tools provided with ps3emu. The leafs need to be acquired elsewhere.

These dependencies are not provided as part of ps3emu:

  • keys – a set of keys, ldr_curves and vsh_curves files. More information about the keys is available elsewhere on the Internet.

  • encrypted system binaries – the directories data and bin from the HDD of a PS3 console.

  • encrypted game – the raw content of a game disk.

Assuming ps3emu has been built, it can now create everything else:

  • unsce – this is a simple clone of scetool (available elsewhere), it is one of the tools provided by ps3tool (part of ps3emu).

  • decrypted system binaries – using unsce or scetool each *.sprx library is decrypted and named *.sprx.elf.

  • decrypted game, precompiled game – see Game preparation.

  • memory map – created using ps3tool rewrite.

  • precompiled system binaries – created using ps3tool rewrite and then compiled with GCC.