The VM runner. At the minimum, it needs an elf path. Optionally, precompiled binaries can be specified for the primary PPU elf and any embedded SPU binaries.

--help                            produce help message
-e [ --elf ] arg                  elf file
-a [ --args ] arg                 elf arguments
-v [ --verbosity ] arg (=warning) logging verbosity: info, warning, error
-f [ --filter ] arg               logging filter: spu, libs, ppu, debugger,
                                  perf [e.g. spu,libs]
-s [ --sinks ] arg                logging sinks: file, console [e.g.
--format arg (=simple)            logging format: date, simple
--area arg (=trace)               logging area: trace, perf
--x86 arg                         rewritten and compiled x86 so file
--capture-rsx                     capture rsx
--capture-audio                   capture audio

The --x86 parameter can be specified multiple times.